What is Decabolin and what Effects Does It Have?

For many years athletes and bodybuilders they’ve longed for the effects of Nandrolone. But why is Nandrolone so popular? Because even if it is very effective for strength gains and muscle building and its side effects are very mild.
After many researches and after many years spent in the labs, the scientists managed to develop a product with even less side effects and similar muscle building properties. This product is Decabolin.

Decabolin is a part of the anabolic steroids category and belongs to the same family like Nandrolone-Deconoate. It is made specifically of the 19-nor compound and is found in the body naturally, but in a concentration of only 0.4 ng/ml. Because the human body only has a small amount of Nandrolone, it is commercially sold for various purposes.

Decabolin Effects

Decabolin has highly anabolic characteristics and moderate to low androgenic side effects. It is very efficient in protein synthesis regulation and studies showed that it also has great anti-catabolic effects.

It produces a fast recuperation after weight training workouts by accelerating glycogen synthesis. When the glycogen level stored in the muscle increases, the muscle cells receive firmness and volume. Practically, exactly what bodybuilders seek.

Decabolin stacks excellent with many other anabolic steroids, providing strength and hardness without water retention and bloating, which are associated with other anabolic steroids. Thanks to Decabolin, bodybuilders can achieve lean vascular frame, without sacrificing hardness or muscle size. They practically receive the deserved results for all their hard work.

Other effects of Decabolin are:
– Increased red blood cells production;
Appetite stimulation;
– Better bone density;
– Muscle growth.

Due to these effects, Decabolin is often recommended as an effective treatment for patients suffering from osteoporosis. Many studies revealed the fact that Decabolin can increase the mineral content from the bones.

Decabolin is also used with great success, in some patients suffering from anemia. It is also used in medical conditions like: breast cancer, abnormal mass tissue and some forms of neoplasia.

It also increases and improves the collagen synthesis and this is one of the best examples of this steroid’s benefits.  This leads to an better capacity of water retention in joints or in other connective tissues. With this, comes another benefit: pain relief.

Athletes also use Decabolin, for the same reasons: increased bone mineral content and improved collagen synthesis. Both these advantages and even more are really easy to achieve, with a very low dose of Decabolin. 100 mgs. per week can actually bring many benefits.

The reason why athletes obtain lean, quality muscles is represented by the strong anabolic properties of Decabolin.

Decabolin’s effects represent practically the result of its powerful binding force to Androgen receptors and of the positive non-androgen results number which are facilitated by the receptors.

For those who plan to start a Decabolin cycle, we must say that in order to achieve the desired results, the cycle’s length should have between 6 to 8 weeks.

What to Expect?

In just 14 days you should expect a significant retention of nitrogen, which is about 33 to 52 nitrogen. This represents an average gain of 0,5 to 0,9 kg of lean tissue per. week. You should also expect an improved body weight. The body weight can increase with 4,9 kg from which 3,1 kg are actually represented by lean body mass. An improved cardiovascular fitness will also occur. Many users confirmed some impressive gains after using Decabolin.

In order to achieve the expected muscle gain, it’s recommended to use between 400 to 600 mgs. of Decabolin per week.

Athletes should use different dosages, according to their cycle and here are the recommendations:
– During the bulking cycle: 600 mgs./week, for a period of 12 to 16 weeks;
– During the cutting cycle: 400 mgs./week, for a period of 12 – 16 weeks.

Regardless of the cycle, it is very important to also use Testosterone. Include it in whichever cycle are you in. Some anti-progesteronic medicines will also help, but only in special cases.

Decabolin is popular also to the fact that it doesn’t produce androgens and estrogens directed side effects. When you use Decabolin, you can simply enjoy the benefits, without the side effects that most of the anabolic steroids have. For example, Decabolin doesn’t affect the liver, the prostate, the scalp or the skin.

As you can see, Decabolin is a special anabolic steroid, with many benefits and fewer side effects than other anabolic steroids. Still is very important to use it responsibly.

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